Diversion Tactics

Since I got hooked on chambray and acidwash, I decided to go on a little adventure with my outfit this week. Wearing denim-on-denim can be really tricky and it requires a little more thought and a bit of planning. When I was prepping for the day, I had the look in mind but I didn't know how I can execute it without feeling awkward or looking like just another lumberjack or cowboy.   I just decided to throw in a few (a lot) aztec prints to highlight the overall look without being too flashy. As for the D-on-D, I just thought of wearing different shades of denim so I won't look like I was wearing overalls.    

Top/ Dickies
Pants/ Thrift Shop
Shoes/ Ramp Man
Belt/ 21 Men
Watch/ Oxygen
Bracelet/ SM Accessories

Hype the look here


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