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I have always been a fan of chops. With this in mind, I had high expectations when I was invited to try out and critique the relatively new diner situated in the middle of booze corners and wineries in Eastwood. Upon entering, the modern middle-class American diner ambiance is very noticeable. The place is decked with road signs and classic murals of New York and other famous landmarks plus the iconic image of The Beatles (Well, they were crossing the road weren't they?).

Walls are also decorated with customized signs with witty puns and catchy phrases which adds to the delightful feel of the dining experience. (90's baby, Oh yeah!)

Of course, I had to try their chops and I wasn't disappointed. I ordered, as expected, something spicy - Chili Chicken Chop (Php 169.00). It's served with a cup of rice and salad on the side. The veggie salad is dressed with peanut sauce which I found unique and interesting. The meat itself is not too spicy but spicy enough for me. Their version of the Calamares (Php 129.00) needs some work though. The soft breading gives a weird feeling in the mouth which I didn't enjoy. Fortunately, their Chili Dynamites (Php 99.00) were redemption - totally explosive.

For dessert, I tried their Mug Cakes (Php 89.00/mug). It was the first time I've heard of this and it definitely got my attention. Simply put, they are cakes baked and served warm in a mug. They served both flavors: Brownie Fudge and Red Velvet. The former is served with vanilla ice cream on top which was just lovely. I enjoyed the latter more though. Both were filling and each mug can be shared by at least two persons.   

Cocktails are also available for those looking for a place for after-work drinks with ample lighting and without the noise of a bar or a regular bistro.

MF Says: Overall, this place is perfect for meals throughout the day. It also borders on being a cheap thrill because the best part of the place is the price - won't make your eyeball pop. It's a perfect spot for a family lunch out, a friendly get-together or just a quick game of heads-up over a pitcher of margarita.   

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