Summer Spoilers

To mark the potential end of my "staycation", here is a collection of pet peeves and factors contributory to my love-hate relationship with summer. Although some may be visible all year round, they appear more rampantly during this hot amd humid season - like cockroaches during fumigation, except I don't think they are going away that easily or as if there's anything I can do about them.

  • Crowded Gyms - gyms are usually cramped with cramming people who are hoping to lose a few more pounds in preparation for the "topless-selfie-season". However, starting around March, or worse, mid-April, won't yield any drastic and observable difference. If you didn't start early, deal with it. Don't irk the other gym patrons by hoarding the machines and the dumbells. 
  • Constantly whining about the heat - it's summer. Duh. Consistently complaining about how hot it is won't do anyone any good. Most of the people, myself included, who reads these protests about mother nature's hot flashes are probably experiencing the same thing therefore you don't need to inform us. We can feel it too. Do us a favor and turn off you PC or smartphone. Less energy, less heat. 
  • Sunblock as marinade - some people doesn't seem to know how to observe proper application of sunscreen. There are some who think that the protection it will provide is proportional to the amount you have to put on. As a result, they look like breaded porkchops drenched in flour and some light-colored whatchamacallit seasoning waiting to be fried. If you don't want a tan, stay indoors for crying out loud. Two words: night swimming. 
  • Work - I value my vacation as much as I value my job. Being asked to submit stuff while I'm on a secluded island, drinking fresh buko juice and lounging on a hammock, is just downright frustrating. I'll be back so if it's not a matter of life and death, just this once, leave me be. 
  • Overpriced refreshments - during this time of the year almost every street has a "samalamig station". However, I noticed that some of them take the law of supply and demand too seriously that they think anything cold would sell - at any cost. I will not pay Php 50 for a cup of ice with three thin slices of banana and call it "saging con yelo". I think "yelo con yelo" will be the more appropriate term.

MF Says: The heat seems to suck the logic out of a lot people. Nevertheless, summer is a season to relax and enjoy. So grab your best sunnies and just pretend you don't see any of the these buzzkills. I don't know about you but that's what I did. 


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