Since the weather finally improved, I had to put my pullovers and hoodies back to the closet and go for something more relaxed yet still sophisticated. I'm starting to become a fan of chambray because it feels really light and comfortable. I knew I had tons of errands that day but I was sure that my shoes wouldn't let me down. After a long day, my feet were still fine and ready for more action. These trusted pants never fail to get subtle attention because of its obvious detail.

Denim and earth-toned accessories are usually my safe bets in achieving light western inspired looks. They can be easily paired with printed or plain long-sleeve shirts to balance the out-of-the-rodeo feel of the look. 

Top/ The Ramp Man
Pants/ Viktor
Belt/ RAF
Socks/ Oxygen
Shoes/ Salvatore Mann

Photo by a promising fifth grader

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