Project X - The LSM Class of 2004 10th Year Reunion Party

After 10 years of toiling in our respective universities, building our own careers and starting families for some, LSM Batch 2004 finally reunites to celebrate the gift of brotherhood and friendship. Held at The Big Bad Bad Wolf in Burgos Circle and spearheaded by Fritz Rey, Norman Brito and a pool of heads, plus the generous pledges from our batchmates abroad,  the night turned epic when the favorable turnout filled the whole floor with laughter, cheers and a whole lot of merrymaking. I know for a fact that the road to this occasion wasn't easy, but the hiccups and stresses that went along with the preparations were overshadowed by each one's desire to reconvene and memorialize a unified nostalgia.

Everyone took the night as a chance to catch-up with old friends, reminisce fun high school memories (gossips included) and share experiences that, with the addition of alcohol to the equation, made the party escalate from fun to crazy. Some of my friends were also surprised that I can still remember most of the names of our batchmates even after all these years. 

Looking at the bigger picture, I noticed and confirmed something amusing - it was like we were back from where we started, high school all over again. Here are some similarities and parallels which made me say so:
  • Teasing was still everyone's hobby. Not that anyone took offense or it resorted to petty quarrels but same people were picked on then and now. 

  • People still put everyone under the microscope. Even if no one gives a sh*t about what anyone thinks, they still comment about almost everything, from hairstyle to choice of socks. 
  • Attention-seeking remained a skill. For whatever reason, approval, esteem or whatnot, some people just love to bask in everyone's attention. 

  • Still, no man is an island. Coexistence was more enjoyable then and now with the help of trusted friends, especially now that we already need networks across various fields in order to thrive. We still know that there's always a friend, a batchmate, out there willing to help - even if it's just for a piece of pad paper for cramming a homework, a quiz booklet or an overpriced can of Coke. 

  • Factions and cliques were still very evident. However, since people are more sociable, chitchats were not limited to a specific group anymore. 
  • Almost everyone looked the same. ('nuff said)

After hitting on some servers, playing songs from our decade, a few arm wrestling matches, and a dozen more laughs from Bendict's antics, the momentous decennial was capped with more booze and of course the singing of the beloved Alma Mater. (more of Benedict's impressions came after)

To those who weren't able to come, you were definitely missed and we all look forward to seeing you in our next event. And by the way, the Php 1,000 contribution was definitely worth it.

LSM Batch 2004 - Sons of Lourdes We'll Ever Be.  

Special thanks to Lance Filler for the photos and The Big Bad Wolf for giving us a reasonably priced venue. Check out their facebook fan page here.  

The Big Bad Wolf

    Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
      1202 Manila, Philippines


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