All Hail the Queen(s)

When FaDAL calls, MF heeds.  

FaDAL (Fashion Designers Alliance - Manila) has always been known to push the envelope in showcasing emerging talents from all arms of the industry through buzz-worthy collaborations. 

January 28, 2014 marked another momentous occasion for the fashion industry.  FaDAL teamed up with celebrity and fashion photographer Ash Reginald Evasco to produce an exhibit entitled PORTRAITURE which was held in one of the hottest nightspots in the metro - URBN Bar & Kitchen. As I entered the venue, in my Ulysses King LS polo (yes, that was a shameless plug and shout-out), the place was crammed with fashion-savvy people and familiar faces soaking up on EDM beats and house music from the in-house DJ's. It's been a while since I went to something like this so it was quite a new old feeling.   

As the title implies, photographs displayed were portraits of  different music icons, fashion exemplars and Wolverine. Emphasis on Wolverine. However, portraits are not like any other because the characters were portrayed by renowned drag queens and performers wearing creations of FaDAL members. During the event, Mr. Levenson Rodriguez, FaDAL's creatur-in-chief, stated that the concept is their way of paying tribute to the talented drag performers who are often under-appreciated by the society in general.
Aside from the artistic homage to the icons, FaDAL also pays it forward to the "matriarchs" of the gay community. Each artwork will be up for silent auction until February 9. Proceeds will be donated to the Home of the Golden Gays, an institution that shelters the elderly gays and lesbians that were abandoned by their families.   

MF Says: This venture simply emphasizes that FaDAL is not just about fashion and lavish parties. They live up to their values of creativity, diversity and equality, not just among their members but with the causes that they advocate and the voices they give to their art.  

Photos from the event

(Photos grabbed from FaDAL - Manila)

Exhibit photos

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