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Sweetness has always been my Achilles' heel (and I'm not just pertaining to food). After a long week of work and stress, I decided to grab something that I know will definitely lift my spirit up. I visited my safe haven - Cupcakes by Sonja, Shangri-la, East Wing branch. As I was coursing through the trays of colorful and mouthwatering flavors of cupcakes, something new caught my eye. Right in the middle of the glass display case, as if calling me with an enticing nymph-like voice, was the newest addition to the cups of pure bliss - Dessert Comes First (Cue Hallelujah).

When I asked what was in it, my eyes immediately sparkled - Speculoos Cookie Butter (Cue a louder Hallelujah). I felt my heart jump with excitement and my taste buds panic in anticipation. As soon as I reached my seat, I wasted no time and immediately took a bite. It was pure ecstasy. It was like I was filled with happy thoughts, flew to Neverland and back in just a few seconds. This new addition may be a bit pricier than the rest but considering it's main ingredient, it was reasonable and definitely worth it. Dessert Comes First is more than just a comfort food - it was sheer happiness in a cup. 

MF Says: Dessert Comes First is definitely a must-try not just for Speculoos Cookie Butter junkies and fad followers but also for those who have downtrodden souls and weary bodies who seek a quick pick-me-upper. If it doesn't make you happy, or at least smile, I don't know what will.

Cupcakes by Sonja has an upcoming cupcake decorating class for kids entitled Sweet Sessions in celebration of Valentine's Day. This is the perfect way to celebrate it with your kids and with a whole lot of sweetness (Or you can leave your kiddos here while you sneak out to get some lovey-dovey). 

For more info and details, visit and like their FB page here


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