A Sweet Surprise

Random encounters with people can sometimes be surprising, nostalgic or even awkward. But running into a stall selling sweets that make you stop and stare is nothing but sheer happiness. 

We were on our way home from a long trip when we decided to check out Eastwood for new swimwear when we ended up foodtripping in the weekend market instead. I was on the lookout for the stalls that sell items from my "top food" lists but instead, I discovered what seemed to be something better. A kiosk with piles of cookies beside signages with long lists of ice cream flavors definitely caught my eye. 

The Cookie Creamery Co. claims to be the first ice cream sandwich bar in country. Although the idea of an ice cream sandwich is not totally new (special shoutout to mamang sorbetero), giving the customers the chance to personalize their sandwiches provides a whole new level of experience. I've seen this done with pizzas, burgers and yoghurt but not with ice cream sandwiches. It's like looking forward to a happy marriage between cookies and sandwiches and giving yourself credit for being involved in the matchmaking process.

Since I'm a sucker for red velvet, I tried that cookie with salted caramel in the middle. My friends got a double chocolate-mint and classic cookie-green tea combos. Yes, we're not just talking about the classic flavors here, they have a plethora of flavors to choose from that gave a gemini like me a very difficult time. I got the chance to try what my friends got and everything was perfect. Neither the ice cream nor the cookie was shortchanged in terms of taste. Mint was mint and green tea was was green tea, it didn't feel like some pretentious commercial wannabe. Cookies were soft and chewy with generous sprinkles, not just of love and happiness,  but with candies and chocolates, depending on the variant. The ice cream oozing out of the sandwich at every bite gives you a sense of childhood nostalgia that would leave you wanting more. 

I got the honor of talking to the owner and I found out that it was just their second week to participate in the weekend market and they are still testing out the market. I must say that this product has a lot of potential and promise. I wouldn't be surprised if The Cookie Creamery Co. becomes a craze, especially now that everyone needs a cold fix from the summer heat waves. But since it's not available 24/7, they give the patrons, myself included, something to look forward to and a whole new meaning to the weekend. 

Whoever said that you make your own happiness probably was referring to this.

(Photos grabbed from their official facebook fan page)


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